The humpback whale is one of the largest species of whales; they are characterized by having rare long pectoral fins and a knobby head,
ranging in size from 12 to 16 meters.

Humpbacks feed only in polar waters during summer feeding on tiny shrimplike krill, plankton, and small fish. Annually, the humpbacks migrate to tropical waters close to the equator to breed and give birth in the winter. As their feeding period only occurs in the summer, humpback whales fast and live up their fat reserves.

Humpbacks are avid swimmers and use their massive tail fin to breach, sometimes leaping completely outside the water. The males are known to sing or moan and their magical songs sometimes last over 20 minutes. The reason for the songs is not clear but it is believed that it is related to the mating process.

During the humpback whale migration, they pass through Panama between June and October and specialized companies like Whale Watching Panama offer amazing tours catering to all budgets and interest levels.

Tours range from 1 to 5 days and custom tours are available, the areas visited include Taboga Island, Contadora Island and the Pearl Island region. While touring, you will also be able to observe dolphins, snorkel and take photos.

Whale Watching Panama has arranged a variety of tours that include lectures by authors, animal communicators, naturalist guides, biologists and energy healers leading the groups to maximize their experiences.

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