“Hidden Valley”
Step into the dream of Sam Taliaferro, a man who saw far and beyond people’s imaginations, a visionary man who back in the early 2000s developed a residential resort community that positioned Panama on the top of the lists of the best retirement communities in the world. A place surrounded by stunning mountains, a rocky river, fish ponds with water fountains, where the aroma of flowers fill up your lungs while its spring like weather and the tranquility of the valley lift your spirit and let your inner child run wild.

Valle Escondido is like stepping into an enchanted shire, cobblestone paths border a quiet tiny village where you would imagine the Keebler Elves making a fresh batch of cookies. A contrast of fantasy embraced by breathtaking and carefully manicured gardens, where even the colorful eucalyptus trees seem to be extracted from a fairy tale.

Hotel Escondido is the perfect place for a real vacation giving you the opportunity to truly relax. Whether you are a golf enthusiast, a racket ball player, enjoy swimming, are wellness inclined or simply feel like having an exotic cocktail at the cantina, at Valle Escondido it just feels like you deserve it all.

Hotel Escondido has different types of accommodations to best suit the preferences of its guests. On this occasion we stayed in one of the Jr. Suites in The Pueblo (The Village), an ample and cozy room with access to an outdoor private terrace where we delighted contemplating nature while being carried away by soothing sounds of the river and the
fresh breeze.

La Vida Health & Beauty Spa is very impressive and there is nothing like it in the region. La Vida is the place to energize, lose weight, get stronger and relax, it is the path to a better you.

Undoubtedly one of Valle Escondido’s main attractions is the Quebrada Grande Golf Club. This is an ideal course to challenge yourself and your partners year round with 3 par 4s and 6 par 3s with an increasing degree of difficulty all the while surrounded by the river and playing at optimal temperatures.

Valle Escondido is more than a Hotel and Spa, it is a lifestyle for the many lucky residents of its gated community, people who enjoy all of the amenities of the country club, from a restaurant and bar to an active life of sports and leisure with top of the line facilities and best of all a sense of community and security.

Valle Escondido is located in the charming little town of Boquete, full of activities such as coffee tours, hiking, bird watching, horseback riding and so much more. Bucket list: Move to Valle Escondid one day and become a part of
the shire!

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