Cubitá Tours is in charge of the active part of the Cubitá experience by developing historic, cultural, ecological and adventure tours.
Fabian Obrist, originally from Switzerland and General Manager of Cubitá Tours, tells us that the tours offer such a rewarding experience that goes far beyond observation. They take tourists to the artisan bakeries where they not
only observe how the local people make bread in a mud oven, but they have the opportunity to knead, bake and sample the bread themselves.

They visit a potter that uses a potter’s wheel powered by his foot and tourists can try to create a pot themselves if they so choose.

Obrist says that since the region has a celebration almost every day, they have created special tours where guests are accompanied by a guide who explains all about the festivity with VIP treatment.

Another fasicinating tour is called Azuero’s Folklore where tourists visit a group of ladies who specialize in the creation of the Pollera and they can see first-hand all of the work that goes into creating the national dress and why it is so expensive (about $10,000 each).

Besides all the historic and cultural tours, Cubitá Tours also offers eco-tours with visits to the Montuoso forest reserve, The Sarigua National Park and to The Cenegón del Mangle where people can observe mangroves and marine birds.


Vía Roberto Ramírez De Diego, Chitré, Panamá





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  • Turtle watching
  • The essence of Azuero
  • Culture and folklore
  • The Rum Route
  • Herrera highlands
  • Made in Herrera
  • The Territories of Urracá
  • Azuero Folklore
  • Badajoz's route
  • The lands of Cubitá

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