Once again Cubitá tours organized another cultural immersion activity where guests were able to participate
in a rice harvest assembly.
The rice harvest assembly is an excellent example of the spirit of solidarity that characterizes the Panamanians from the countryside and it is an excellent opportunity for local visitors and tourists to experience the Azuero traditions.

Local countrymen from La Palma de Las Tablas welcomed the visitors at the rice fields and explained the correct techniques for cutting the rice. They use a special artisan cutting blade and cut each rice ear individually, stacking them in handfuls, many of these are then tied together forming a bundle. After receiving instructions and a shot of seco straight from the bottle, a liquor made from sugarcane, tourists chanted along with the countrymen and participated in the harvesting process.

The harvesting ended before noon and all of the rice bundles were stacked in the field so they could be collected later and transported to the farm. Once the crowd arrived at the farm, they were greeted by traditional music and a meal consisting of beef soup and the assembly juice, a juice made with roasted corn, ginger, cinnamon, anise and sweetened with sugarcane.

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