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Lilia: Mixed media on heavy black paper.

Lili’s husband, Barry had asked me months ago to do a portrait of Lili. I have known her for years and she is a dear friend of mine. To me, she is everything good in the world and beyond. A great confidant as well as incredibly fun.
A true Caribbean Queen. She is also one of most colorful people I know in every sense of the term….so for some time I had thought of how to capture her spirit as it is large and all encompassing. I was also in a creative slump so I decided doing Lili would either crush me or bring me back to the surface. I thumbed through a Sci Fi fantasy art illustration book my uncle sent me for inspiration and found a poster that was created for an art school using a human figure filled with the sea to illustrate how ideas may come from within and rise to the top, with that in mind, I began, and as it went, her illumination and oneness with the universe came into play as did some very cool iridescent paints to capture her place in all there is as far as we know.

Panama 980 E32

Bootie calls: Mixed water media
I like to do art that has a value to tourists and captures Bocas and all that it is, from the quaint
wood homes over the water (before they are all gone) to the flora and fauna. As Bocas was a pirate haven, this one was a no brainer. My sweetheart, Ray, was a treasure diver for Mel Fischer and suggested an undersea view of an eagle ray glancing the bottom stirring up emeralds and booty from a not so long ago sunken treasure ship. Ray had plenty of books for reference to keep things authentic and was also here for consultation so once it started, it happened very quickly. In the end, I did manage to capture the mystery and the allure of treasure and crystal waters that surround Bocas, as well as some of the sea creatures we share the area with.

Julie also makes logos, t-shirt designs, cartoons, commissioned portraits of most anything and fine art that is inspired by living in the islands of Panama.

You can find her art at Island Traders and Random Art in Bocas del Toro

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