Panama 980 E32

Queso Chela is the queen of artisan cheeses, butter and bread in Panama. Some of the favorite items at Queso Chela are the egg bread called pan de moña (pronounced monyah), meat and chicken empanadas, artisan goat cheese,
string cheese, smoked cheese, herb cheese, the traditional Panamanian whole milk cheese and Panamanian beverages called “chichas”.

Chicheme is a type of chicha which is a sweet corn and milk based drink that contains corn kernels so be careful with your straw since we don’t want anybody choking. There are also buttermilk chichas and the popular kool aid with
canned fruit cocktail called chicha de tutti frutti.

It can be challenging and may require some patience to get your goodies on time because Queso Chela is always full of people ordering in mayhem very similar to the stock market. This is the #1 spot where Panamanians stop on a road trip.

The most popular stop on the highway, specializing in artisan cheeses and bread.

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