Panama 980 E30
Rolando De Sedas is a multifaceted and talented Panamanian artist who has traveled extensively, proudly taking a
colorful part a Panama along with him on his voyages.

Rolo found his identity and style while studying in Barcelona. “I was trying to show people how the Panamanian
traditional dress looked, and the outcome turned out to be my first “mamis” (a colloquial term of endearment for ladies)”.

I don’t like labels, but if I must, I would say that my style is eco-neo-pop! Eco because my “mamis” are the archetype of nature, re-invented by me; Neo-pop because it is a return to pop art, something that people can relate to, instead of dealing with so much senseless art out there.

As a Panamanian, I’m inspired by our women, colors, way of life and our personality. All of these things are represented in my art.”

Rolo de Sedas has presented multiple exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Honduras and of course
Panama. A mural at the Republic of Panama Plaza in Cordoba, Spain, was recently dedicated to and inspired by
his work.

If you want to learn more about Rolando De Sedas and his art, go to

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