Los Santos is also located on the Azuero Peninsula, bordering Herrera and Veraguas. The capital city, Las Tablas, is a small town renowned for being the center of Panama’s Carnival and visitors come from around the world to partake in the parades and other festivities. Las Tablas is a very traditional Spanish town with a rich colonial history, featuring a central plaza surrounded by historic churches and government buildings.

Los Santos also boasts a few museums; the Museum of Nationality, the Museum Belisario Porras and the Museum Manuel F. Zarate.
Other attractions in the area include an archeological site called the Sitio Arqueologico Cerro Juan Diaz, the Church of San Antanacio and the Church of Santa Librada.

Los Santos Province offers visitors over 125 miles of coastline, with many well-known beaches, especially in the areas of Pedasi and Tonosi. The popular surfing beach Playa Venao hosts international competitions and constantly attracts surfers from around Panama and the world. Snorkeling is another popular pastime, especially in the waters surrounding Isla Iguana, a national wildlife refuge known for its clear blue water, white sand and abundant iguanas and frigate birds. Sport-fishing is a major attraction along the Pacific coast, with tournaments drawing anglers from around the world. The nature preserve at Isla de Cañas is an important turtle nesting site and is visited by
migrating humpback whales.

With its stunning beaches and rugged coastlines, the areas around Pedasi, Tonosi and Las Tablas have become very popular with foreign and local investors. A large variety of properties are available in this province, from beachfront lots or homes, to ocean view lots of all sizes, to large undeveloped parcels, with an equally broad range of prices. French architect Gilles Saint-Gilles was captivated by the land around Pedasi and has created a boutique hotel and master-planned community that offers large home sites, apartments and much more. This region is becoming more desirable due to the recent improvements in infrastructure resulting in easier access.

Provincial capital: Las Tablas
Area: 3,804.6 km² / 2,364 mile²
Population: 89,592 inhabitants (2010)
Principal industry: Agriculture (Cattle, Seafood), Polleras (Panama’s National Dress), Tourism
Distance from Panama City to Los Santos: 175 miles / 281 km
Main areas of development: Pedasi and Chitre
Airport: Airstrip at Pedasi with capability for charter flights

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