Even though Panama City has over 500 restaurants, it is sometimes difficult to get out of the comfort zone and try something new. On a lunch take out breaking pattern, we decided to drive around the office and check out one of the many restaurants in the area and that is how we stumbled upon Jupi Gourmet – Family Mart, oh yes Korean food!

We started with Japche, sticky sweet potato noodles stir-fried with sesame oil, thinly sliced vegetables and beef seasoned with soy sauce and sesame seeds. It was love at first bite and continues to be our favorite Korean comfort food dish.

The Dolsot Bap is a bowl of warm rice topped with perfectly seasoned sautéed vegetables and beef, served with chili pepper paste and topped with a fried egg. You mix it all together and there you go – a delicious and nutritious dish. The chili pepper paste is addictive.

Soup is always good for the soul and the jam pong is quite a picker upper containing all the ingredients you need for a wholesome, nourishing and well balanced meal. A spicy soup served with noodles, mussels, shrimp, calamari and vegetables.

The Korean BBQ pork is a very flavorful and entertaining dish; thinly sliced marinated beef, mushrooms, onions, scallions and garlic are brought to the table along with a gas stove for us to grill them to our taste. Once they are cooked you wrap them in iceberg lettuce and dip them in Korean BBQ sauce.

Another at-table cooking delight is the chabu chabu, a delicious broth in which you cook fresh shrimp, cabbage,
carrots, mushrooms, chives and noodles.

If you ‘ve never had Korean food and do not know what to order, these dishes are a great introduction to the
delicious Korean food served at Jupi Gourmet-Family Mart.

Contact information:
71st Street San Francisco
Tel: +507 203-8761
Hours: Tue – Sun from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


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