Janson Coffee Property

It is quite refreshing to see what an amazing job a family can do when they work together; produce award winning coffee, breed high-end horse and cattle, and run professional VIP tours for the most discerning travelers.

All this is possible thanks to the visionary Carl Janson, a Swedish immigrant who purchased land in Volcan in the mid-1940’s after falling in love with the Chiriqui Highlands. Janson introduced the first automated dairy farm to Panama, imported high quality cattle, and made sure to preserve the natural richness of the land for future generations.

In 2013 Janson Geisha coffee won second prize in the annual Best of Panama Coffee Competition. Geisha is a heirloom varietal of arabica coffee from the Gesha province in Ethiopia. Geisha is difficult to take care of requiring the perfect micro climate, altitude, and soil. Geisha coffee produces less cherries than other coffee varieties. Janson Coffee Farm’s micro climate provides the perfect conditions for growing this high quality coffee with citrus overtones, hints of jasmine, and notes of honey.

Gourmet coffee is hand-planted, hand-picked, and hand-selected. Producing gourmet
coffee takes time and care. Only the ripest cherries are picked during harvest. Once
the beans are processed, they are dried in the sun, and then aged at least 3 months. For
gourmet coffee premium beans are the desired for consistent roasting. Fine gourmet
coffees are a light to medium roast.
Calle Janson runs the roasting facility and takes pride in micro-roasting and selling select
arabica coffees. Michael Janson oversees the coffee fields and is a specialized cupper.
Michael also oversees the breeding of Peruvian and Pinto horses and Angus cattle.
Brothers Peter and Ricky Janson assist in overall management.
Haydee Janson, Calle’s wife is the leadership behind many projects on the farm such as the
coffee shop and the extensive plant nursery. Haydee also has a passion for landscaping,
planting plants that attract butterflies and birds.

The Jansons are firm believers in conservation. They take the coffee cherry pulp add enzyme microorganisms to compost and then use the byproduct to fertilize the farm. They also make Cascara Tea from the skin. The second skins of the coffee called parchment, are used to fuel the coffee driers.

One of Carl Janson’s grandsons, Leif Janson, operates Lagunas Adventures a tour company showcasing the farm with his wife Emily. Together they share a passion for outdoor activities and coffee. Visitors appreciate the personalized and professional attention they get when visiting Janson Coffee Farm.

Janson Coffee Farm has a privileged location that makes it a destination in and of itself. Take a tour and learn about gourmet coffee production, or kayak or fish in the highest lakes and wetlands of Panama. Go birding,  hiking, horseback riding, or enjoy a motorized dock ride and absorb the beauty of the surrounding forest and breathtaking views of the volcano.

A visit to the farm makes a memorable experience that gives you the opportunity not only to sample some of the best coffee in the world, but to experience nature like you never have before.

Janson Coffee is sold nationally and internationally and is well known for its excellence and aromatic flavor.

For more information contact:
+ 507-6867-3884
+ 507-6569-7494
Location: Las Lagunas – Cafetales Baru, Volcan,
Chiriqui, Panama

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