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Sea turtles are marine reptiles that inhabit the entire world’s oceans except for the Arctic. Most species of sea turtles are endangered and many of them are threatened during the nesting period by area locals. Their meat is considered gourmet in some countries, tortoise
shells are sold at black markets, and imprecise fishing methods such as long-lining expose turtles to the bycatch effect.

Awareness is increasing and animal protection activists are actively educating people about the importance of conservation.

Isla Cañas Tours is a virtual eco-tourism agency working in collaboration with ANAM (National Environmental Authority of Panama). One of the main focuses of Isla Cañas Tours is the conservation of sea turtles.

Isla Cañas is located in the Tonosí district nearby the popular town of Pedasí where most visitors find adequate lodging. Pedasí offers a variety of services unavailable in other surrounding areas and therefore serves as an excellent base point to explore the region. If you are lodging in the town of Pedasí, Isla Cañas Tour can pick you up at your hotel and take you to Tonosi.

The tour starts with a comfortable boat ride to Isla Cañas and during the ride you will be able to appreciate the magnificent views, observe different types of sea birds, and a large extension of mangroves (the region has approximately 12000 hectares of mangrove). Once you arrive at the island’s port, dinner will be served while the sun sets – generally dinner consists of a local dish like fish and fried plantain.

As the night falls, you will be taken for a trip around the island in a wagon pulled by horses. Once you arrive at the beach, one of the island’s guides will instruct you on how to behave while visiting the protected area.

The tour takes about 2 hours and the total trajectory covers around 2km of beaches. Once at the main site, you will be able to observe and take photos of turtles nesting just meters away from you. This is a unique experience to observe the cycle of life, an ancient turtle ritual.

These tours take place between July and November, with August, September, October and November being the busiest nesting periods. There are opportunities to observe an arrival, where 1000 turtles come at night to nest, and by October and November, you will have the opportunity to see the birth of thousands of turtles.

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