Flaca rica

The new kid in town is Esa Flaca Rica Food Truck, a creation of Mosto Bistro owner and chef Fulvio Miranda who
wanted yet another channel to express his creativity and passion about food in a fun casual way.
Instagram fans follow Esa Flaca Rica all over David city and when the truck parks, hundreds of people drop by,
from hipsters, surfers and businessmen to families with kids in pajamas looking for that special treat.

The menu offers around 5 dining options, portions are generous and there’s a sitting area where you can enjoy
your meal or you can take it to go.

One of the most delicious dishes is the Mondongo (tripe), a traditional dish served in Latin America. Chef Fulvio
says that the secret to it is to choose a good product knowing it has been properly handled, pre-cooked many times,
marinated a whole day in Carta Vieja Rum (rum made in Chiriqui), then seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic,
sautéed with onions and then cooked in a traditional country rustic stew with creole peppers, garlic, onions, broth
and prepared with a whole lot of love. Jokingly he says “many people can be snobbish about this dish, but you have no idea how many BMWs pull over at the truck to order pots of Mondongo to go and even more extreme, some people ship it by plane to get a taste of it in Panama City”.

Welcome To Tijuana Burritos is the hunger quencher, filled with rice, pork, chicken, spicy sauce, cilantro seeds, pickles onions, chives and topped with a garlic mayonnaise and a tree tomato marmalade.

Chef Fulvio gets fresh fish from the coasts of Chiriqui, specifically from port Pedregal to prepare his ceviche. He says, “The preparation of ceviche is the same all over Panama, the secret is knowing the balance of the ingredients, being lime, onions, cilantro and especially the hot peppers not only for their kick but for their flavor”.

The hojaldra melt was inspired by a Cuban sandwich, however Fulvio wanted his food to reflect the Panamanian cuisine and the hojaldra (fried dough) is one of the most popular items. The hojaldra is pre-baked then deep fried, then goes to the grill with cheddar cheese, pickled cabbage and onions, pickles a dash sugar, pulled pork shoulder
grilled with mustard and ginger, grilled onions marinated with scotch and a garlic and lemon zest mayonnaise. He says “a Cuban but Chiriqui style and with flair”.

Chef Miranda says “The moment I saw the truck I knew it had to be mine, it is always the dream of a cook to leave all the protocols behind and to cook real down to earth food with feeling and flavor”.
To find Esa Flaca Rica follow Chef Fulvio Miranda’s
Instagram account: FULVIO2177
Facebook Esaflacarica
Tue to Sun from 5:00 p.m.

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