El Cevichito is one of those holes in the wall whose food really stands out. Here you can eat standing up at a rustic cocktail table and sample multiple ceviches, or you can order to go as many neighboring beach community residents
do. The shrimp ceviche is a personal favorite followed by the scallop ceviche. They also serve octopus, conch and a ceviche medley and the most popular beverage to accompany ceviche is, of course, beer. If you plan to eat your
ceviche on the road, we recommend that you transfer it to a larger container. At El Cevichito de San Carlos, they fill up the cup all the way to the top with ceviche juice to preserve the freshness of the ceviche and there is no way to
avoid spillage, so bring a taller plastic container or request a tall plastic glass and you and your car will be fine.

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Honorio Mendez
enero 29, 2015
Necesito para este viernes 2 galones de ceviche de corvina a como

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