Colon province is known for its vast coastline, Caribbean clear waters, and excellent diving opportunities.
Depths range from 18 to 40 meters at the nearby dive locations and there are several spots that cater to the
more adventurous diver.
You can spot fire coral, brain coral, sea fans, sponges, and other species with vibrant colors and exuberant

The word Panama means literally, abundance of fish and diving in Portobelo you will have the opportunity to see
hundreds of species from French Angel Fish to Rainbow Parrotfish, to mention a few.

Other underwater critters like octopi, spiny lobsters, sea anemones, green morays, spotted eagle rays, coral crabs
and king crabs reside in the area.

Learning to dive in Portobelo is easy because there are no strong currents, and diving spots are chosen according
to diving skills. There are several companies in the area offering a whole range of courses, from beginner’s courses, to coveted certifications like Dive Master and Dive Instructor.

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