In our world today you are constantly bombarded by information from the mainstream culture and current world affairs. You are told what’scool, what to wear, what to like, who to listen to and what you musthave. A lot of pre-packaged mindless, robotic information overflowmeant for you to consume massively, never think, just follow.

That being said, it is so refreshing to find a place like Diablo Rosso, an art gallery, a café and a conceptstore where creative minds are free to express their talent, where clever meets witty, where hungeris not just related to great food, but the need to constantly learn and explore the work and mindsof brilliant people and most of all to be surprised and see the world through other eyes.

A few weeks ago I decided to go Diablo Rosso’s “Cena Cine” where every Tuesday they feature an independent movie at the café. The incredible selection ranges from movies awarded by film authorities like the Berlin film festival, New York Critic’s Circle, British Independent Film Awards and Cannes Film Festival to mention a few of the worthy.

It’s been a while since my last visit to Diablo Rosso and this was my first time visiting their new location, so my first time there was very sensorial.

When I stepped into the café I was amazed and amused by the décor, if indeed eclectic and eccentric,to me it made so much sense. The café reflects the heart and soul of the neighborhood culturein Panama; each piece was carefully selected to create the right ambiance without a single drop ofpretentiousness, better said it was an artistic expression dignifying the poor and humble. Every single piece of furniture , every single artwork here and there was a fun discovery, a playful amusement for my mind. The café itself could be considered an artistic installation.

I liked the unadorned, unpretentious and straightforward truth that is written on the café’s wall: “Comida rica”, meaning tasty food, and that is exactly what you should expect.

We ordered some snacks before the movie started and got a little bit carried away as the menu has such personality that is hard to leave behind some characters.
It is apparent that the same thought and attention to detail dedicated to the décor was used to create a menu that is appetizing and at the same time entertaining.

We ordered the DIP PACK CHOPRA, a lentil, walnut and balsamic vinegar dip that really stood out, a smoked trout, cream cheese and sour cream dip served with toasted bread, the SALMON DICE, toasted focaccia bread with smoked salmon, goat cheese, tomato and pesto. Well…on a roll as we were, we ordered the Devil soup, a Thai red curry soup with noodles, grilled chicken and eggplant, one of the best noodle soups in Panama. To make sure we had enough to nibble on during the movie, we ordered the 1, 2, 3 Pan y Queso, a sandwich named after a children’s game, but made for grownups with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and guava jelly on focaccia, then last but not least…the Notorious P.I.G, a pork loin sandwich with coriander, a jalapeno mayonnaise and pickled cabbage. I think we got carried away because the names of the dishes were so hilarious that we wanted to try them all.

Lights out!…all quiet!
We enjoyed our meal and a great movie and, as always, independent films have a way of portraying the beauty of life as real people live it, our fears, our dreams, our defects and virtues, and the celebration of exceptional people in exceptional situations.

We left filled with the joy and satisfaction that comes from a successful evening and the opportunity to see and experience something new and exciting, yet relaxed, laid back and rewarding.

Definitely not your average dinner and movie night!

6th Street and A Ave., Casco Antiguo, Panama, Republic of Panama
Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7:00pm – Closed Sunday, Monday
Phone: +507- 262- 1957

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