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Welcome to Panama

Welcome to Panama, the heart of the Americas, a country with great contrasts, kilometers of beaches on both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, pristine islands, fertile highlands, historic landmarks, great outdoor adventures, lush nature, indigenous tribes, a thriving, vibrant, cosmopolitan city and, of course, the Panama Canal. Panama is a real treat for nature and history […]


Climate and Geography

Panama, located approximately 9 degrees north of the equator, is known as the heart of the Americas and forms a land bridge of some 29,339 square miles connecting North and South America. The country is shaped like a lazy “S” and borders with Costa Rica to the northwest and Colombia to the southeast. The Caribbean Sea lies to the […]


Political Division

Panama is divided in 10 provinces an 5 indigenous reserves. The provinces wich vary in altitude and weather are Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui, Cocle, Colon, Darien, Herrera, Los Santos, Panama, Veraguas and West Panama. There are 5 indian reserves within the country, also called “comarcas” and they are Embera Wounan, Guna Yala, Ngöbe Bulge, Kuna […]

Location Panama

Panama City Neigborhoods

The following sections will explore Panama City’s main neighborhoods so you can get a feel for the different areas of Panama and what each has to offer. Costa del Este Perhaps the most prestigious area of the city, Costa del Este lies east of downtown just off the Corredor Sur. Clean, wide, tree-lined boulevards with all underground […]



Panama´s currency is the Balboa with one Balboa equal to one US dollar. Panamanian coins (one-, five-, 10-, 25-, and 50-cent pieces) circulate having the same size, shape, color and value as the US ones and are used interchangeably with them. The Panamanian B./1.00 coin has the same value as a US$1.00 dollar. The Tocumen […]


Panama City Airports

Tocumen International Airport (IATA code: PTY) is located 24 km from downtown Panama City, approximately a 20 minute car ride. Official taxi services are readily available just outside the terminal on the ground floor. These taxis are the only taxi services authorized to pick up passengers at the airport, charging $25.00 for one passenger. Should […]

Panama City Skyline

General information

Provincial capital: Panama City Area: 11,670.92 km² / 7,250 mile² Population: 1,713,070 inhabitants (2010) Note: all population figures in this section are as reported by the Panamanian Institute of Statistics and Census per their 2010 national census. Principal industry: The Panama Canal, International Banking and Commerce, Shipping, Tourism. Main areas of development: Panama Pacifico, San Francisco, Costa del […]