Casa de Montaña

Nestled in the heart of the province of Chiriqui, this boutique Bed & Breakfast is a new gem in the town of Boquete. We were pleasantly surprised to see the high quality construction, modern, comfortable furnishings and attention to detail – right down to separate make-up and shoe towels in a basket on the bathroom counters! Located only a […]

VAlle Escondido 1

Valle Escondido Resort Golf & Spa

“Hidden Valley” Step into the dream of Sam Taliaferro, a man who saw far and beyond people’s imaginations, a visionary man who back in the early 2000s developed a residential resort community that positioned Panama on the top of the lists of the best retirement communities in the world. A place surrounded by stunning mountains, a rocky river, fish […]


Island Plantation

This beautiful beachfront retreat offers jaw-dropping views of the turquoise Caribbean ocean, golden sand and the lush jungle. Island Plantation is the creation of Herolf Andersen and Chris Bybee who discovered this amazing spot on a bicycle ride to Bluff Beach during a weekend holiday. At that time they were living in Panama City after having moved from Costa Rica where […]


Finca Lerida – A Walk in The Clouds

In the early 1900’s, Tollef Bache Mönniche, a recently retired Panama Canal engineer from Norway, purchased land from a local farmer in the highlands of Boquete. Named after a city founded by Moors in Spain, Lerida sits over 5,000 feet above sea level in the lush cloud forest of the Chiriquí province – bordering the Amistad National Park and […]

Panama 980 E29

Seagullcove Lodge

There is something about Seagullcove Lodge that is magic, perhaps it´s the fact that it is located in such a pristine and unexplored area where just by gazing at the scenery one can have a communion with nature. This is the kind of place that people dream about. Near the town of Boca Chica, perched over a captivating bay on the Gulf […]


Eco Treat

After years of traveling you may think that one can become immune to that “wow” factor. We have done reviews for the last 9 years and stayed in places with all the bells and whistles, boutique hotels and exclusive jungle fishing lodges, and we have loved our journey through Panama, but EcoTreat has proven once again that Panama continues […]


Tantalo Kitchen – Hotel – Roofbar

The moment you step into Tántalo, you know that the concept is beyond just a hotel, you can feel it and you can see it. The brain behind it all is Matthew Blesso, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a great supporter of artistic expression. Blesso believes in those opportunities overlooked by others, creativeness, innovation and attention to detail. “The Blesso […]

By Irma

Hotel Ciudad de David – The Hub of Chiriqui

Hotel Ciudad de David is arguably the best city center hotel outside of Panama City offering all the comforts and amenities of a city hotel combining two major concepts, the best business facilities in town, and the best family experience. Whether you are planning a business trip, need a relaxing weekend away from it all, or decide […]


Casa de Campo Pedasi

Pedasí boasts impeccable views of nearby countryside, and despite being an utterly tranquil place, the town and surrounding coastline has a buzz to it. Accommodation offerings are plentiful in Pedasí and along its beaches, catering to a variety of budgets and tastes, one establishment truly stands out as the place to stay in the downtown of Pedasí, Casa de […]


Las Clementinas

Located in the once bustling and trendy street of Casco Antiguo, stands a hotel that feels like home. The moment you step into one of the chambers, you are swept away by the idea that this place is not a hotel room; this is a fully equipped apartment. It is inexplicable, how it takes about 2 minutes to sit down […]


Gran Hotel Bahia

Jose “Tito” Thomas remembers the Bocas del Toro of his childhood when its few hundred residents were on a first-name basis. “Everyone was like one big happy family,” Thomas reminisces. “People lived with their doors and windows open. Nobody would touch anything that didn’t belong them.” Long before the first backpackers and surfers discovered the Caribbean archipelago, he was riding the waves in a cayuco, a dugout canoe. Today, he is […]