The Rice Assembly

Once again Cubitá tours organized another cultural immersion activity where guests were able to participate in a rice harvest assembly. The rice harvest assembly is an excellent example of the spirit of solidarity that characterizes the Panamanians from the countryside and it is an excellent opportunity for local visitors and tourists to experience the Azuero traditions. Local […]

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Monumental – Ricardo Gago Salinero

Lazaro Gago and Rosario Salinero de Gago arrived in Panama from Spain in 1951 within 8 months of each other. They met while working at La Byskaina Supermarket in Santa Ana. They fell in love at the Cathedral’s plaza while listening to beautiful open air municipal band concerts. In September 1964 they opened Supermarket Panama, named in honor of the […]


San Francisco de la Montaña

Veraguas is the only province in Panama that is bordered by 2 oceans, has a bustling and constantly developing city, abundant nature and wildlife, is a surfer, fisherman and diver´s paradise and offers charming hidden surprises like the town of San Francisco de la Montaña. Founded in 1621, San Francisco de la Montaña is a quaint little town located just 10 […]


Diving in Colon

Colon province is known for its vast coastline, Caribbean clear waters, and excellent diving opportunities. Depths range from 18 to 40 meters at the nearby dive locations and there are several spots that cater to the more adventurous diver. You can spot fire coral, brain coral, sea fans, sponges, and other species with vibrant colors and exuberant shapes. […]

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Old School Tobacco Rolling – Pride of Panama

David Reynaga, originally from Los Angeles California, first came to Panama in 1995 as a system engineer working for the US government in the Panama Canal Zone. At the time, David purchased some land thinking about future investments. In 1999 David moved to the UK to continue providing system and communication services for the US government. Having invested […]


Salt and Sugar Museum

Located in the agricultural town of Aguadulce (sweet water and/or fresh water) in the Coclé province. The production of sugar is one of the main activities of the region. Aguadulce is home to the largest sugar refinery in Panama, Azucarera Nacional, founded in 1911. The salt production in Aguadulce has been one of the oldest and more […]


Panama La Vieja

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Panamá La Vieja, commonly known as Panamá Viejo, is the seat of the original Panama City, founded in 1519 by Pedro Arias de Dávila. This was the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas. Located on the far eastern side of the current city, these ruins are all that remains of […]

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Boquete Tree Trek Canopy Zip Line

Boquete Tree Trek offers one of the best canopy zip lines in Panama and Central America. We began our journey at 1600 meters above sea level at Boquete Tree Trek Mountain Resort where we were geared up and instructed on safety practices by a team of guides who would join us in our adventure. We drove […]

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Isla Cañas Sea Turtle Tour

Sea turtles are marine reptiles that inhabit the entire world’s oceans except for the Arctic. Most species of sea turtles are endangered and many of them are threatened during the nesting period by area locals. Their meat is considered gourmet in some countries, tortoise shells are sold at black markets, and imprecise fishing methods such as long-lining expose turtles […]


Whale Watching

The humpback whale is one of the largest species of whales; they are characterized by having rare long pectoral fins and a knobby head, ranging in size from 12 to 16 meters. Humpbacks feed only in polar waters during summer feeding on tiny shrimplike krill, plankton, and small fish. Annually, the humpbacks migrate to tropical waters close to the equator […]

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Volcano El Valle

By John Bennett Fifty one miles West of Panama City, as the crow flies, there once roared a great volcano, formed by the subduction of the South American Nasca continental plate beneath the Caribbean Plate, where the Isthmus of Panama is perched upon. There are three plates colliding in Panama, the two already mentioned and a third […]