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To be on top of the heap and to be unpretentious at the same time is almost an oxymoron. What is the secret? We think that Chef Mario Castrellon brought something new to the Panamanian restaurant scene, something that changed the restaurant experience, a surprise factor, a fun way to eat, food with personality. Chef […]



The spoon behind the culinary adventure of Salsipuedes restaurant at The Bristol Hotel is Chef Cuquita Arias de Calvo, one of Panama’s most respected chefs and a trendsetter in the new Panamanian culinary movement. Chef Cuquita eloquently tells us that when they decided to refurbish The Bristol hotel while brainstorming, they asked themselves, what does The Bristol Hotel have that no other hotel has […]


Lionfish Invasion

By Joan Crabtree What broken hearted teen hasn’t heard the adage, “There’s plenty more fish in the sea!” Well, when it comes to lionfish, it is all too true. These stony faced, uniquely striped and ethereally finned astonishing beauties are invading and overpopulating reefs around the world, including our Caribbean waters as well. They are graceful swimmers, and as […]



SOUTHEASTERN ASIAN CUISINE IN PANAMA. In a laid back and very casual atmosphere conveniently located in the center of Panama’s banking area, we found the missing link of Asian cuisine in Panama, Sukhi, specializing in Vietnamese, Thai and overall southeastern Asian cuisine. Chef Robert Lamont was born in South Africa to British parents; hospitality has always been in his blood as his parents […]


The Dock

The Dock restaurant is one of those hidden gems that people stumble upon while exploring the Caribbean coast of Panama. Conveniently located at Shelter Bay Marina in Fort Sherman, Colon, is a regular hangout for boaties who dock at the marina, are in transit through the Panama Canal, people lodging at The Marina Hotel, and those who visit […]

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Super Gourmet – Casco Antiguo

We met Blayne Ladner, Super Gourmet owner, at Casa Testa, a business incubator in Casco Antiguo. We used to laugh and share our funny and not so funny car stories. His brand new truck was lost in Campana where he stopped at the lookout, got out and it sailed off a cliff! Then the same week he had a rental […]


8º58’ Lounge at the Bristol Hotel

By Daniela Delvalle Located in the heart of the bustling financial district, located on the fifth floor of the North Tower of the exclusive Bristol Hotel, you will find 8º58’ Lounge. A sophisticated spot with an elegant and intimate atmosphere, this lounge has the perfect ambiance for romantic dates, casual gatherings, or even business meetings. They have a […]


La Rana Dorada

By Daniela Delvalle Known for its freshly handcrafted beers, Cerveceria La Rana Dorada is an excellent place to grab a bite and enjoy some beer. Called by many the best pub in Panama, La Rana Dorada offers some of the best beers, food, and atmosphere . With its two locations , one in the famous Casco Antiguo and […]



By Daniela Delvalle Panama city is known for its vibrant nightlife and nonstop beat. Isabella is the finest and most exclusive nightclub in Panama. Located in “Las Terrazas” of Multiplaza Pacific, the most popular mall in Panama, Isabella has one of the most desirable locations in all of Panama. Unlike most clubs in Panama, Isabella […]


Encima at Tantalo Hotel

By Daniela Delvalle On the fourth floor of Tantalo Hotel overlooking the city you’ll find the Roofbar Encima. Tantalo Hotel opened its doors in early 2012 in the famous area of the Casco Antiguo and it has become one of the “places to go” in Panama. The hotel has twelve rooms, each with a different design and […]