Up in The Hills

My first visit to Up in The Hill took place about 4 years ago. A friend from California invited me to take a hike from Isla Bastimentos´ main dock all the way to the pristine Wizard beach. On the way back we stopped at Up in The Hill for some refreshments and the most amazing, mind-blowing coconut covered chocolate […]


Diablo Rosso – Dinner and a Movie

In our world today you are constantly bombarded by information from the mainstream culture and current world affairs. You are told what’scool, what to wear, what to like, who to listen to and what you musthave. A lot of pre-packaged mindless, robotic information overflowmeant for you to consume massively, never think, just follow. That being […]


Mercado del Marisco – Fish Market

Although technically not a restaurant, the fish market compound is home to multiple seafood stands, ceviche vendors and a very casual restaurant that serves a daily menu and can also cook whatever you purchase downstairs. The main attraction of the building lays on the ground floor; a bustling colorful market consisting of a mix of people from all nationalities and […]

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El Cevichito de San Carlos

El Cevichito is one of those holes in the wall whose food really stands out. Here you can eat standing up at a rustic cocktail table and sample multiple ceviches, or you can order to go as many neighboring beach community residents do. The shrimp ceviche is a personal favorite followed by the scallop ceviche. They also serve octopus, conch and […]

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El Pampero

El Pampero is famous for its homemade variety of chorizos, especially the “choripan” chorizo on a bun topped with their house specialty garlic sauce. Even though the restaurant has seating, facilities and an á la carte menu, many people prefer to stop and purchase pounds of chorizo and the signature sauce to go to barbecue at their beach house. Their take out […]

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Quesos Chela

Queso Chela is the queen of artisan cheeses, butter and bread in Panama. Some of the favorite items at Queso Chela are the egg bread called pan de moña (pronounced monyah), meat and chicken empanadas, artisan goat cheese, string cheese, smoked cheese, herb cheese, the traditional Panamanian whole milk cheese and Panamanian beverages called “chichas”. Chicheme is a type of chicha […]

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Delicias Margot

Delicias Margot is a great example of Panamanian cuisine traditionally served during small town celebrations. Here you can sample tamales and bollos which are similar to tamales but sweeter. There are two kinds of bollos, plain or with stuffing, the second ones are called bollos preñados, literally meaning pregnant. More specialities include chorizo Santeño made Los Santos province style, pork rind, roasted pork, corn fritters […]


Jupi Gourmet – Family Mart

Even though Panama City has over 500 restaurants, it is sometimes difficult to get out of the comfort zone and try something new. On a lunch take out breaking pattern, we decided to drive around the office and check out one of the many restaurants in the area and that is how we stumbled upon Jupi Gourmet – […]

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P.F. Chang’s

Take a “wok” on the wild side Originally from Arizona, P.F. Chang’s is a collection of over 250 restaurants around the world serving the highest quality products in a great lively, fun, and energetic, atmosphere with a friendly casual service. “To this day, we still hand roll dumplings, prep fresh proteins and receive fresh vegetables every morning, nothing is processed” says Sean Wagner, […]

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Donde Jose

Chef Jose Carles is on a journey to re-define Panamanian cuisine which is the result of the influence of many cultures and even incorporate pre-Columbian ingredients. Although there are some regions with a more defined culinary identity like the coastal areas or the central provinces, there are still missing links as per the overall concept of the cuisine that defines the country. “That […]

Geisha Hands

Janson Coffee Farm

It is quite refreshing to see what an amazing job a family can do when they work together; produce award winning coffee, breed high-end horse and cattle, and run professional VIP tours for the most discerning travelers. All this is possible thanks to the visionary Carl Janson, a Swedish immigrant who purchased land in Volcan in the mid-1940’s after […]