Up in The Hills

My first visit to Up in The Hill took place about 4 years ago. A friend from California invited me to take a hike from Isla Bastimentos´ main dock all the way to the pristine Wizard beach. On the way back we stopped at Up in The Hill for some refreshments and the most amazing, mind-blowing coconut covered chocolate […]


The Rice Assembly

Once again Cubitá tours organized another cultural immersion activity where guests were able to participate in a rice harvest assembly. The rice harvest assembly is an excellent example of the spirit of solidarity that characterizes the Panamanians from the countryside and it is an excellent opportunity for local visitors and tourists to experience the Azuero traditions. Local […]


Diablo Rosso – Dinner and a Movie

In our world today you are constantly bombarded by information from the mainstream culture and current world affairs. You are told what’scool, what to wear, what to like, who to listen to and what you musthave. A lot of pre-packaged mindless, robotic information overflowmeant for you to consume massively, never think, just follow. That being […]

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The Art of Julie Jorgensen

Lilia: Mixed media on heavy black paper. Lili’s husband, Barry had asked me months ago to do a portrait of Lili. I have known her for years and she is a dear friend of mine. To me, she is everything good in the world and beyond. A great confidant as well as incredibly fun. A true Caribbean […]

Panama 980 E32

The Mud House Assembly

By Professor César Cedeño Domínguez From the colonial days all the way to half of the past century, the mud houses better known as “casa de quincha” were one of the primary housing styles used by the Azuero population. The construction process was always accompanied by rituals, celebrations and chanting native to the region and the activity was named […]


The Rum Route of Panama

An insider view of Hacienda San Isidro, home of Ron Abuelo. Upon arrival in the quaint little town of Pese, we were greeted by our tour guide at the original home of the Varela Family, a colonial style house that serves as a memorabilia museum where you can get acquainted with the story of the Varela family and […]

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Monumental – Ricardo Gago Salinero

Lazaro Gago and Rosario Salinero de Gago arrived in Panama from Spain in 1951 within 8 months of each other. They met while working at La Byskaina Supermarket in Santa Ana. They fell in love at the Cathedral’s plaza while listening to beautiful open air municipal band concerts. In September 1964 they opened Supermarket Panama, named in honor of the […]

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Panamanian Eye Candy – Rolando De Sedas

Rolando De Sedas is a multifaceted and talented Panamanian artist who has traveled extensively, proudly taking a colorful part a Panama along with him on his voyages. Rolo found his identity and style while studying in Barcelona. “I was trying to show people how the Panamanian traditional dress looked, and the outcome turned out to be my first “mamis” (a colloquial […]

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A Better Future for Portobelo

For years, the colorful town of Portobelo has been a drive-by tourism attraction, known primarily for the fortress ruins of Spanish conquistadors of a century past and the Black Christ that draws thousands of pilgrims every October 21st. Once a primary port city of the Colon Province during the Spanish colonial period, Portobelo (which means […]

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The National Theater

Designed by Italian architect Genaro Ruggeri, Panama’s National Theater is a beautiful example of the neoclassical architecture that arrived to the isthmus at the turn of the 19th century. Commissioned in 1904 as part of a package of infrastructure improvements, the theater was built on the site of a former convent in Casco Antiguo, Panama City’s old town. The project […]


San Francisco de la Montaña

Veraguas is the only province in Panama that is bordered by 2 oceans, has a bustling and constantly developing city, abundant nature and wildlife, is a surfer, fisherman and diver´s paradise and offers charming hidden surprises like the town of San Francisco de la Montaña. Founded in 1621, San Francisco de la Montaña is a quaint little town located just 10 […]