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Bocas del Toro is located in the far northwestern portion of Panama, bordering with Costa Rica. Comprising both the
mountains of the Cordillera Central and numerous islands and cays in the Caribbean Sea, Bocas is a very popular area for tourists and expatriate residents alike.

The capital, located on Isla Colon, is known as Bocas del Toro or Bocas Town. Over the past few years, this small, unassuming town has become a very popular tourist destination. With its Caribbean feel and proximity to the surrounding islands, tourists flock here to enjoy boating, bird watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. Much of the province, particularly the mainland, remains relatively untouched and this is where investors are looking for their own piece of paradise or to create a development for others to enjoy.

The waters surrounding some of the islands have been declared a Marine National Park and some controversy
has arisen over the possible effect of development on the surrounding environment. Many of Bocas’ smaller islands
are home to different, endemic species of the poison dart frog – perhaps the most famous of these are the red frogs of
Bastimentos Island. Concerns over the fragile habitat of these and other indigenous species have led to a dialogue aimed at balancing development and environmental protection in the province.

Provincial capital: Bocas del Toro
Area: 4,643.9 km² / 2,885 mile²
Population: 125,461 inhabitants (2010)
Principal industry: Agriculture (Bananas, Pineapples), Tourism
Distance from Panama City to Bocas del Toro: 372 miles / 599km
Main areas of development: Isla Colon, Isla Bastimentos, Isla Carenero
Airport: International airport on Isla Colon with domestic flights within Panama (Panama City and Changuinola)
and international flights to San Jose, Costa Rica

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